parkland music project

Bleeding Daylight


Through interviews and live performances, Bleeding Daylight explores Vancouver-based Parkland’s unconventional mix of alt-country songwriting and improvisational sonic abstraction.

A band full of seasoned musical interpreters who push themselves—and each other—into parts unknown, Parkland never plays a song the same way twice. This film takes the viewer inside underground arts venue Merge where, in the course of a day, Parkland reinterpret songs and speak about the day-to-day inspirations behind their wide-ranging process. 

Bleeding Daylight is an immersive sound and visual experience that delves deeply into Parkland’s constantly morphing musical territory of impassioned, heart-laid-bare songwriting, textural improvisation, and alt-country twang.

Release Date:  October 12th,  2018

In watching this feature, the viewer is struck by the members of Parkland’s commitment to spontaneity and bravery in the moment of performance, and to allowing that performance to push past the song it is a performance of, towards a uniquely realized statement within its own sphere. Songwriter and conceptualist Rob Malowany emerges less as the voice of what he’s written, more as a messenger, who provides a context and a format for his bandmates, and then recedes from focus, allowing the group as a whole to point to the song’s centre. The emotional palettes thus evoked by the music are expressively echoed in Bleeding Daylight by filmed images of the group’s East Vancouver habitat, giving resonance to the theme of community which also runs through the piece. A great introduction to a singular group, worthy of more attention!
— Ford Pier